We unearthed Hawaii’s roots.


Travelers were bypassing Hawaii for more interesting cultures.

Everybody knows and loves Hawaii. But Millennials were choosing to spend their vacations traveling to more exotic destinations, drawn to storied cultures and enriching experiences. For these avid explorers, Hawaii was merely a beach getaway with a culture consisting of tiki torches and resort hula shows.



Hawaii’s cultural roots are anything but plastic leis.

The culture of the Hawaiian Islands is unlike any other. The most isolated archipelago in the world has developed a truly unique and fascinating culture rooted in Native Hawaiian and local traditions. Those unexpected stories of Hawaii’s heritage needed to be told—by the people that kept them alive.

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We revealed the power of Hawaii’s hidden culture.

We launched a series of online videos called, “Hawaii Rooted.” These videos spanned six islands and told the fascinating stories of people who were keeping Hawaii’s local culture and customs alive. From a traditional surfboard maker to an oceanic navigator, these stories shared a vision of Hawaii that few have ever seen before. More importantly, they showed avid travelers that Hawaii is a locale full of deeper experiences – both iconic and unexpected – that exceed destinations from around the world.

Hawaii Rooted: Kaumakaiwa
Descendant of the Volcano Goddess - Keoni Kaholoaa, Island of Hawaii
People of the Sea - Cliff Kapono, Island of Hawaii
Keepers of the Forest - Kaui Kanakaole, Maui
From Spear to Fork - Isaac Bancaco, Maui
Cooking with Intent - Mark Noguchi, Oahu
The Nobility of Cane - Kyle Reutner, Oahu
Seeds of Perseverance - Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama, Kauai (for mvnp website use only)  Share Seeds of Perseverance - Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama, Kauai
Hawaii Rooted: Greg Solatorio
Hawaii Rooted: Anela Evans
Hawaii Rooted: Leina’ala Jardin
Hawaii Rooted: Brandon Baptiste
Hawaii Rooted: Brandon & Sheldon
Hawaii Rooted: Dustin Tester
Hawaii Rooted: Kala Tanaka
Hawaii Rooted: Keone Nunes
Hawaii Rooted: Tom Pohaku Stone

What they said_

"Beautifully filmed...they manage to blend both Hawaiian tradition and modern life on the island into a complex portrait designed to pique the interest of travelers."

Alexandra Jardine, UK Correspondent, Ad Age


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