We opened doors for local homebuyers.


Locals thought Ward Village was out of reach.

Luxury real estate projects, upscale amenities and a booming housing market fueled the perception that Ward Village was not for locals. That is, until Ke Kilohana. For the first time in Ward Village, a condominium offered homes specifically for local first-time homebuyers. The problem was, the people who wanted it didn’t think they could afford it.

Ke Kilohana Lifestyle Video Screenshot


First-time homebuyers need to feel it.

The dream of homeownership in Hawaii is an expensive proposition that can seem out of reach. To engage in the purchase process, local first-time homebuyers need to feel a real estate opportunity is within their grasp, to see themselves and people like them in the home, and to feel comfortable talking with a salesperson.


We put local homebuyers into homes.

To help buyers picture themselves at Ke Kilohana, we created stories starring people just like our target audience. The work featured a family, a couple, and a young professional enjoying their lives at Ke Kilohana. The campaign was supported by a Salesforce-integrated website that managed buyers from their initial inquiry through to their actual move-in date.

What they said_

"The Ke Kilohana campaign showcased the inspiring Ward Village lifestyle that local home-buyers could relate to and included groundbreaking tools to help them make their purchase."

Calvin Mann, Senior Director, Development, Howard Hughes Corporation


The look of urban island living.

In addition to the collateral and digital work we also refined the visuals to communicate a feeling of urban island living. Everything from finishes to art work and even the people were hand selected and incorporated into the renderings used throughout the campaign.


  • 375 residences sold in 5 days—with a wait list of 400 buyers


Print, Interactive, Social, Direct Mail

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