Residential Real Estate Rockstar Writer

MVNP is looking for a copywriter specializing in luxury residential real estate development to join our team and make an impact on day one (Okay, HR might have you fill out some forms on day one, so let’s say day two).

What you’ll do_

Key responsibilities

Create platforms and content for the luxury real estate market rooted in strategic insight that makes an impact in both business and culture, all while living in Hawaii.

What you’ll need_

Required skills

  • Produces great work
  • Ability to recognize great work
  • Must possess a conceptual mind, unmistakable voice, and strong storytelling and editorial skills
  • Proven experience in luxury residential real estate development and/or hospitality lifestyle copywriting, with a portfolio showcasing successful projects in these niche markets
  • Strong research abilities to gather information on luxury real estate development trends, market dynamics, and client needs
  • Familiarity with the intricacies of the luxury real estate industry, demonstrating a deep understanding of high-end properties, amenities, and lifestyle
  • Must be a team player based in Hawai‘i with a thorough understanding of local culture


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