Worker of Word Wonders

MVNP is looking for a thoughtful, multidisciplinary copywriter with experience and plenty of ambition to join our team and make an impact on day one. (Okay, HR might have you fill out some forms on day one, so let’s say day two.)

What you’ll do_

Key responsibilities

Do you care about creating platforms that are rooted in strategic insight, and producing work that makes an impact in both culture and business… while living in Hawaii?

What you’ll need_

Required skills

  • Great work. 
  • Ability to recognize great work.
  • Must possess a conceptual mind, an unmistakable voice, and a love of culture from high- to low-brow. 
  • Looking for someone who doesn’t equate vocabulary and jargon with actual intelligence. (And doesn’t use parentheticals every third sentence. Hence this ad.)
  • Portfolio, of course, will drive decision.


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