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A few weeks ago, Ryan Ozawa of Hawaii Blog fame noticed a few MVNP clients advertising on his favorite podcasts. That spurred his question of how and why our media department uses geo-targeting for national podcasts. Thanks Ryan, you just sparked our latest blog! The popularity of podcasting, with its diverse niche content and on-demand convenience, is undeniably on the rise. According to Nielsen Podcasts Insights 2017, 50% of homes are podcasts fans, creating a strong…
SEPTEMBER 01, 2017_

Endless Summer

MVNP Playlists EndlessSummer
Summer is quickly slipping away, so here’s our ode to those carefree days. This playlist, the first from MVNP, was curated by our interns, Kate Uesugi, Staci Matsumoto, Eric Kanegaye, Christianne Michel and Marissa Yonamine, who are back in college or starting new endeavors. We wish them well and hope this music brings them back—to sunny days, to Hawaii, and of course, to MVNP!
MVNP interns class of 2017
MVNP’s internship program is the perfect opportunity to not only learn, but also gain genuine, industry specific experience. Internships take place all year long, typically consisting of current college undergrads or recent undergrad graduates, and each lasting for about 3 months. Roles and responsibilities can vary, but it’s common for an intern to take up a role in account service, PR, or creative/copywriting. So what makes our internship program unique? At MVNP, the interns aren’t…
Travel Milestone
One of the biggest challenges in creating an integrated campaign is ensuring that visuals are executed consistently across all platforms. For our Milestones campaign for First Hawaiian Bank, our developer Heather Frantisak embraced our graphic concept, and created new coding to layer the campaign’s iconic animated checkmark between layers of images. It’s pretty cool. Check it out. From the project, this demo shows how to draw SVG (scalable vector graphic) objects in Meteor that are triggered…
A pint of ale
MVNP turned 70 last November, and we celebrated with a bold new look as well as brand new digs. Our brand identity was designed by our designer Brett Tanchico, and was inspired by our agency’s founder, Ray Milici, and principals Frank Valenti and Nick Ng Pack, as well as our holistic approach to communications. Our new logo is strong. It represents the integration of our various disciplines. And it looks mighty sweet on a frosty beer…

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